A sad sad Day

Prang!PRANG!! PRANG!!!
Ma alarm woke me up,I was so enjoying the company of the characters in ma dream, buh the noise of the sound was too much for me to bear, I flew out from under ma cover and shut the noisy thing up. I quickly did ma thing, made out and started filling the buckets, drums even bowls with water while ma mum was doing her ‘thing’ too… Buh the day got real real bad…mum didn’t want me near her shop, Nimi had nowhere to go, I returned to the comfort of ma bed and that made mum explode.
You see, I’m really sad soo sad and lonely, I live in a world where I feel everyone doesn’t like me, I know no one would probably read this so I’m writing it to keep ma fingers off ma head {I don’t have an idea of where I picked the horrible dandruff from}. Ma brother entered now and I couldn’t even get ma self to voice out a ‘welcome’, the poor thing heard me wailing this morning after ma mum had made the day the one I wouldn’t look up to its continuation…{deep sigh}. You see, I’m so scared of what the future holds in for me, so scared of the complications of those words mum said to me. So scared that I would jump at the chance to ride on death train. I cried onto God this morning, true tears, you see, the crystalline transparent white ball things fell from ma object of tears non-stop, and the only thing I could get to tell God was ‘am I pleasing you?, I don’t care how ma life turns out buh am I not hurting you too Lord?’ {sobs}





  1. Hey! Sorry girl. Thats how life is.
    I saw this on fb and came to check it out. No matter ur current position, u av to kip dreaming!
    Life is not fair and never will it be. Those who av a cap does not av a head and those who have a head does not av a cap, thats wat kip live balance!

    • neemeseereh

      Thanks Joe.

  2. hmmmm blogger vs blogger.I like this!

    • neemeseereh

      what do you mean Beejay?

  3. Anytime!

    • neemeseereh



  1. A sad sad Day | neemeseereh's Blog

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