Ectopic Pregnancy

I was reading a medical novel when I came across the phrase ‘ectopic pregnancy’ , I consulted the search engine and here is a little out of what I found out about Ectopic pregnancy or eccysis.

In a normal pregnancy, your
ovary releases an egg into your
fallopian tube. If the egg meets
with a sperm, the fertilized egg
moves into your uterus to attach
to its lining and continues to
grow for the next 9 months.
But in up to 1 of every 50
pregnancies, the fertilized egg
stays in your fallopian tube. In
that case, it’s called an ectopic
pregnancy or a tubal pregnancy.
In rare cases, the fertilized egg
attaches to one of your ovaries
or another organ in your
abdomen. In either case, instead
of celebrating your pregnancy,
you find your life is in danger.
Ectopic pregnancies require
emergency treatment.
Most often, ectopic pregnancy
happens within the first few
weeks of pregnancy. You might
not even know you’re pregnant
yet, so it can be a big shock.
Doctors usually discover it by the
8th week of pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancies can be scary
and sad. The baby cannot
survive, so it’s a loss that may
take some time to get over. It
may comfort you to know that if
you have an ectopic pregnancy,
you’ll likely be able to have a
healthy pregnancy in the future.


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