”Rárá that’s not how you do it! sé bi mo se se loju e lana niyen?’ my mum caught me offguard as she squat beside the almost dead fire, her tone harsh and weak, I can easily make out weariness ”Bend down, move the woods, and make sure the coals are blood red, if they are not,you blow,blow.. . .” the smoke in the kitchen made her cry, I could feel it’s hurt, she stepped back and wiped her cassava stained face with the hem of her leaf-green ankara wrapper…I heard a”huuumph” make its way out of her throat, then when she seemed to have gotten over the smoke issue,regained her posture and continued her much-effort-immersed lecture ”…step back,blow, blow and blow,check the ogunso too, you can add a little kerosene if the need be. Call me when the water is hot enough to be used” with this Mama finished explaining the proccess of making the coal fire circulate the more in the heathen pot placed on it and made her way out our muddy kitchen to resume her role in the dinner making.
I continued blowing the fire carefully so as not to take it out, it has come back to life, I positioned the pot well on the coal pot and i see the fire come back to life, thanks to mama. I can’t but think about the heap of assingments waiting in my bag, the PHCN are not smiling these days, it’s been two or is it three weeks the children in our two storey face-me-I-face-you building have last shrieked ” UP NEPA!!!! ”, I gave out a large sigh. I’m actually wondering if Baba Ladi would switch on his generator today,so that I can make for his room after the dinner and complete my work, yeah, complete them, I did half of the math in school alongside my friend, it’s a new topic and I don’t even understand the concept at all! Damn math! I hate it! Not that I like any subject but home-economics,better still, I detest most that subject where you have to look for an ‘X’ sitting right infront of you! MATH!
The english and biology assingments I have not so much laid my hands on after I copied them in my notes and stuffed in my half-ripped bag.
Papa’s motorcycle just entered the compound, I hear Shade and Tola shout his name as they made out for thier share of fatherly tight hugs, I was once there too…
Baba Ladi comes with Papa everyday, thier workplace not being far from each other, I mutter a silent prayer of papa asking him if he’ll switch on his generator, just then I heard him call his Ladi to come and take the petrol he brought with him in and bring the generator out. That means one thing-I’m completing my assignments tonight! It’s not that I’m not going to get beaten for failing them but atleast, I would be excused of a double portion. My mind switched to what I saw Martin do when I was coming back home. Just then I remembered that Iyanu told me he asked her out, I’m going to make sure she says a big ‘NO’ to him tommorrow, not because I have a different view out childish love affair but there’s no way I’m going to wish her Martin not after what I saw!



  1. nice write up.. I enjoyed readind through..
    see you around Nimisire

  2. ivorytalk

    Wow, Gradually gradulally, u are becoming a blogger #winks#.This is really nice and keep it up.

    • Thanks, I sure will. . . I must say, I really appreciate your and Joseph’s comments.

  3. Emmanuel Alao

    I am always delighter to know you are doing great, Nimi welldone. Waiting for Fought for Love 10

    • “Aahh… Thank you so much sir” I said that aloud in my left mind(lol) when I saw your comment sir, I’m so glad you checked on here… Thank you sir. I’ll post on FFL soon. 🙂

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