Hey sixteen? Goodbye!

As the stars crown a day,
As the halt in the songs of a bird declares its rest,
And a rise in a valley tell of its end.

Flowers in my flower bed were bright and pretty when mum cut them off, I didn’t cry,

Sad was Dad when he left me all alone to deal with this material-driven world, I cried. ;( ;( ;(
You were here when I was sixteen, I’m gonna be Seventeen without you. 😦 😦

Today I’m sixteen, tomorow, no more. Don’t have that thought, no need to say it out, I actually heard it, you know what? I can say my age loud and clear to everyone, tell the whole wide world I’m just a girl, yay! That’s the way we should live our everyday life, we should live it real, No fake self Image, no potray in deceiving colours(I digress)…. What was I saying jare??? Hmmm…. Oh yeah! Today is the last day of Nimi’s being Sixteen 🙂 .You might not learn from this but, I just want you to know that my being a writer limits privacy and I have no shame of it. I want you to know how sixteen has been…

Well sixteen has been cool, learnt pretty cool stuffs about life, went through the hardest time at this age, had more knowlegde about the one I serve at this age and got to realise how much I’m in love with him. Sixteen,sixteen, Nimi started blogging at sixteen, she put her poem and stories to typing at sixteen. Mistakes….. Yeah, I’ve made pretty bad mistakes. Like saying YES when it should be NO, like sending HELL-BAD messages to people, I learnt from them.

Bottom line- Sixteen has been a remarkable year, a year I’ll always remember.
Goodbye SIXTEEN, you were really some year!




  1. Samordosky

    Hmmm wow so ur birthday is tommorow. HBD IN ADVANCE GURL

  2. tumdamabis

    kip it up! d Lord wl b wt u & grnt u mre wisdom

  3. Damilola

    Happy seventeenth bufday in advance Nimi,my baby…

  4. Damilola

    Happy seventeenth bufday in advance Nimi my baby…wish u llnp,greater tinz in all ur endeavour.

  5. Welcome to Seventeen Girl.. Happy Birthday and have a great yeat Ahead!

  6. Hmmm…

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