When darkness engraves your heart,

And sadness strives for dominion,

The gates of sensibility had been barred,

And winds of hurt made the willows wilt,

The leafs in the forest of trust withered,

The sky refrained their fall,

Yay! It refused to give out rain,

Leaving you on a land so barren,

An atmosphere much purnished,

The earth is ready to lift its veil,

Swallowing you into its vain,

Your heart being so frail,

You grope for a beam to hold on to,

Like a kid falling off a rock,

And a train walking off its rail,

You pray, it could be anything,

A person or a tree,

You don’t even care if it’s a beast,

As long as it makes you stand,

Makes you live past this ordeal,

Makes you to survive this trauma,

And finish this drama,

You are so afraid and can’t help shuddering,

It’s the forest of fear remember?

You are there all alone, but not forever,

Ahh, the beam, a solace so rigid,

You searched, found one,

Actually, he made out for you,

When your heart kept calling,

He aids you,

And together you walk the path of light,

And slowly it’s becoming bright…

Dedicated to Joey,
(you light ma world :p :))

Author’s p.o.v

It’s a dark piece, I know. It was what I could get myself to write, I pray you understand. Actually, it’s not stupid, weird or crazy…

You see, you can be the change anyone need right now,

The beam to keep them from falling,

The aid to mitigate their loneliness,

The warmth to keep them off cold,

The rain to keep their heart in mint condition,

And the only crowd they need to feel less deserted,

‘light engulfs the dark’ they say, you can be that light.

Days ago, I said to myself, ‘If you won’t paint my life with bright colours, make the depth of my soul crave for you, don’t come into my life’.




  1. Cool! Nice write up… I will prefer light write up rather than the dark ones..
    Write things that will make us happy!

  2. Wow! You’re really a great writer, really!

  3. semit


    • Thanks Semit, I’m so happy that you stopped by. Do that more and you’ll get free wash.. :p God bless

  4. Ganiyu Ajibola Morgan

    Thumbs up… Nice

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