15th November, 2014

Annalisa’s P.O.V

I held on more tightly to my purse , shifted it a bit closer to my chest in such a way that one would think I’m awaiting a gunshot in that direction and my leather-purse, a bullet-proof to save my dear life. For the fifth time in the sixth hour of the day, I made the effort of hitting my right-hand palm on the metal door of his house, I’ve never seen him take so long to answer the door especially when the knock is mine. We both created a pattern, when we realised that we both are busy creatures who hate disturbing visits from the Uncalled. So, when it’s me at the door, he would know, when it’s him, I know. . . But that was then, funny how easy situations switch, suprising how easily sweetness ruptures,,,,,, awww.. I decided to give up on the unresulting bangs as I made for my mobile phone hoping that he would pick up the call this time, just then to my suprise and discomfort did a familiar face settle in front of me and De ja vu caught up on me like a kid running into his principal after school hours, this scene looks like I’ve seen it before now and I’m doing a replay. Miriam, his sister, a kid who speaks like she has hot balls stuffed into her mouth, a part-time baller and a full-time talker plus the best girlfriend any girl would wish to have showed up, I’m really done for today!
“heeeeyyaa, Anna, oh mi dearie, mi so sorey, dint know twas ya adda door, wez willy bweezy in kitchen, ya angry with Miri, yeah??” she was doing her best at assuaging whatever feeling she thinks I may habour and I decided not to show her how mixed up my feelings are right now and bolted up my emotions, tendered a bright smile, unconciously flaunting my dimples, oh how the smile works for me at every damn single flash!

“yoooooouuuu.. Pweedy gorgeous little thing!!!!!! When did you get here?? How come I was not even told?? I’d have brought loads of. . . . . . . .”

“. . . . . . . Of ma favourite Crunchy wheat!!!! Man!!! God knows I crave for those like hell right now! Dammit! Ann, he’s done the last fuck tis time ‘erand en I assure ya, amma see to the fall of his balls. I’ve been here since tew days, I tried getting hem tew ya buh hes evewitime giving in lame skuises…. Eeeeww what a pig!”

“oh mi good lord, Miri! If he overheard that, you’d be as dead as a trapped rabbit” we both made into the house, making a fun out of my used-to-be boyfriend.

“By the way Miri,where is You-know-who?”

“oh, that ked? The last time I saw hem, he was in hes room splayed his rotten parts on da old sofa snoring like a buffalo crying forres keds”

“whaaaatttt the f-f-ff-u-c-k!!! Kendal Miriam Styles!!!!!, How frigg’n dare yo. . . . . . .” an angry barritone voice cursed from behind us, the owner of that voice walked up to us, saw my face and stifled his other words like it would be precarious to continue.

to be continued…

Tell me what you feel,

i need ya comments like… 😀 😀

c’mon! I’m open for correction!!



  1. mykel

    ‘can’t wait to see d sequel..

    • Thanks Mykel. I’ll make an update soon 🙂

  2. Hahahaha…At some point, i began feeling like Miri. lol! U will be a good novelist. Just brush up some more and do not relent!

  3. Not bad, though am seeing the “F” word in this excerpt, thats not too good for kids! 😉

  4. DcoolestGUY

    Very nice

    • Thanks So much Sir. 🙂

  5. I kinda love this…the style and storyline…and the american-plus-nigerian language style…i got to follow this. Kudos, neeme! And Miriam, what a naughty girl she is!…

    • Heheheehe 😀 .. Thanks Pristine 🙂

  6. Moshope

    Nice story…I’m heading over to the sequel.

    • Oh, thanks Moshope. You’ll love the story, trust me. 🙂

  7. sarah

    am sooo…. loving this style… its beautiful..

  8. itseedris

    This is a good start…I know…I am sure this story is gonna be awesomely craizie!

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