Hannie’s P.O.V

    I was taken aback on seeing her face, her dark gorgeous face and those hazel eyes.. . Goddammit!  I wasn't expecting her, not after she had said those horrible words, exquisite is her beauty, enchanting her looks but when Anna wants a situation ugly, she succeeds, isn't that her motto? 'all that I want, I get'  I couldn't just control my face from expressing suprise, shock. Seeing her made old memories come rushing in like a surgeon late for The-Show. Memories I had so badly tried to make stay locked.
  Dammit! I should kill Miriam!  She woke me up with her exasperating talks, I actually thought she was talking to her so-called invisible friend when I heard voices, and now?? Here she is. My nightmare! How long has it been now?? Oh two months, yeah two months, I really don't know what she's here for... Heck! God knows I've missed her, I've so badly missed her,it's so stupid that I'm burning over a girl that gives no fuck about me no more, I shouldn't be feeling this way, I ought to be hating on her,why can't I just do that?
      My, she's a murderer! She with-no-rue killed it!!! she. . . . . oh God!!!!  I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of breaking me down, I really need her out of this place right now, can't stand her, can't.

“. . . . . A-a-a-anna, I dint realise you were here; what do you want?” he saw Miriam’s face flush, poor little thing she’s mad at me for letting Anna go, she loves Anna, adores, infact worships her, who wouldn’t? the creator has blessed and sculptured her richly. Miriam, what’s she standing there like a woman whose husband came home with his Mistress for? She really can be a great pain in the butt.

“Actually Han, we need to talk, privately” she said and motioned her head to Miriam’s direction and added an evocative smile, a decieving one. To the whole world, that smile is a normal, friendly expressal of cordiality, but to me, it’s a call to grave.

“whatever you want to say, why don’t you wanna say it here??”

“oh Hannie, don’t start one of those sessions with me now, puuuuulleeeeaaaseee” she begged, fluttering her lashes, them hitting the sole of her face seductively like a hoe just stepping out of a spa, sighting a rich guy.
Actually, Anna is no seducing type, she is a no-nonsense girl but her body and looks always prove otherwise. Finally I give in to her plea.

“okay, okay. Let’s step into my room then.” I expressed ma submission almost turning my back, then out of nowhere a known voice squealed.

“oh, what smell is that???” Miriam said, covering her nose as the whole house reeked with the smell of something burning, like a plantain on fire or something, just as she said it, it seems she remembered something, she jumped up immediately and made for the kitchen like a projected rocket.

”. . . . Food . . . . It’s. . .en . . . . . Freaking. . .bur. . .” she was saying something, I couldn’t get what she meant, just then did Anna followed behind her too.

“Anna, where ya’ll going, what’s going on??”

“oh, Han, when will you stop being such a pretending freak???? Don’t you smell something burning??”

“Me?? Pretending?? Something’s burning yeah? But what’s wrong with the kitchen??”

“aaaawwww,,, not knowing still?? It’s what Miri’s cooking that’s burning!!!! Su. . . . . …hole” and like Miriam too, Anna was out of my sight, she dissapeared into the corners of my apartment, to the kitchen. And what am I doing standing??? Aaawww I can’t wait to hear what she’s come here for!! Good or bad?? Better be good, for her sake. Her sake alone.

hi everyone???
You enjoying ya weekend, aawww it’s so damn boring here…..

Actually, inside the head of myself I’m cofused with this story :|. . The first part shows that Hannie should still be Anna’s boyfriend, buh here?? He’s her ex!! Don’t worry, I’m gonna make some changes to the first post on ‘Tell’
Forgive me, huh???? (gives a rueful wink)…

Sooo,,,, how is this one??? Tell me? Did you like reading through??? I willy willy need yuh comments, you won’t rebuff my asking right?????

I’ll be waiting, by the way, happy new month in Advance!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂




  1. Hmmnn.. Madam story teller!
    This is not bad, but i will prefer the first version.

    • Josylad of Life….. always talking like an internet freak, version ko, status ni 😀 :D. This not another version ooo, it’s the “play” to the “pause” of the first part of “TELL”…. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for dropping ya comment hun, it’s highly appreciated ,,, 🙂 🙂 :*

  2. Ganiyu Ajibola Morgan

    wow! It awesome… Keep it up

    • Morgan, Thank xo xo much! 🙂

  3. Don John

    The story is nice anyway
    Watching out for more

  4. Oyindamola Ajisegiri

    I love this. Off to the part two:)

    • Hun, the fact that you took ya time to read this, I Am Xo xo Glad.. Thanks so much, I’ll make it my job to keep ya updated. Thanks plenty 🙂

  5. Oyindamola Ajisegiri

    Sorry dear. This is the part two actually.

    Its creative. More grease to your Elbow:)

    • Yeah 🙂 . Thanks Dear.

  6. Seye Cole

    Just like JossyLad said, I’ll also prefer the part 1. For some of us who haven’t read as much novels as you have, we just might not understand the second. Try and make the readability of part 2 independent of part 1. What i mean is…Make your readers grasp the story in part two even without reading part 1. Nevertheless, Good job dear!!!

    • Oh, thanks so much Cole. I’ll surely put that in mind when writing next time.

  7. Hehehe… Someone please unveil me…am I watching a movie or what? Just so real…hehehe…off to p3

  8. Hahaha 😀 😀

  9. itseedris

    And this is where the GHENGHEN something starts…nice try on this…I hope the next part would be more ghenghen thing! 😀

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