Two Girls in the kitchen


The picture is the best I could get, Miriam and Anna are black. 🙂

Annalisa’s P.O.V

     I saw tending to the burnt meal and helping Miriam with the cleaning as a very good escape, but should I call it an escape or a chance to get well prepared, to clear off my head and be able to drop the bombshell without feeling bad about my doing that? each of my senses are getting calmed right now, literally though, it's not like I'm just sitting down in Hannie's mini kitchen doing nothing, I'm putting my best at scrubbing the burnt plantains off the pan, I can't but blame Miriam for being so forgetful, I mean, how can she raise the cooker to such a high degree while frying? The kid had always been such a drama queen, she's not cooking for the first time, Miriam has been cooking for years! She grew up with her brother, he being many years older than she is, I think five years, yeah, five years, she's eighteen and he started being twenty-three  four months ago, a month to my twenty-firsth birthday. I hear his footsteps on the steps, I guess he was tired of waiting for me and made out for his room.       

“Anna, canya plizz hand oer the towel b’side ya, need to clean viz petty dirz off ma hands?”

“Oh yeah, sure, here you go” I quickly attended to Miriam who suprisingly was talking for the first time since we both entered the kitchen, she took forever to finish her cleaning the cooker and I’m almost done with mine too, I just have get these stubborn yellow spots washed from the side of the pan, then I’m done. My heart raised its beat as the thought of getting done and returning to the main business that brought me here flashed through my mind, the increased beats became constant as if my heart has lost it’s speedometer or like my heart and brain switched places, because my brain has much pressure in it right now,it knows that in minutes I’d have to tell the man I love I’ll never see him again. Guilt, I can’t help but feel guilty,this rampant guilt has eaten me so much that I can’t keep it in anymore and it’s written all over me, the feeling I had valiantly fought to keep from Miriam was leaking out as my face and body betrayed me, Miriam is looking towards my direction and I can see a concerned look on her face as my pervading mood of sadness diluted with guilt suffused every inch of my face. I would do anything to escape this moment, damn! The girl has always held me in such a high esteem, treats like the queen bee of her colony, she being the worker at the same time soldier, I mean we’ve not been the ‘bff’ type but we’ve always been good friends and inseparable sisters from other mothers, Now she’s seeing her big sister going through one of those bad times. Nausea! My morning sickness are out of the bag! Oh God, not here!! Please Not-fucking-here!

“I should use the bathroom”
I said, not sure if my partner in fixing the messy kitchen actually heard me, anyway I was partially speaking to myself. I quickly ran to the bathroom and threw up my breakfast into the welcoming hands of the white sink, as I was running the cold water over my pale face,I felt a hand rest on my shoulder……

oohhh myyyy….! I’m late for reharsal! Gotta go,,,, 😀

Remember? I need your comments, you’ll do that much for little Nimi, rai???? 😉

By the way,,,, HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!
It’s December!!!

😀 😀 😀
It’s christmas songs everywhere I go, cute aint it? I mean, christmas is less than three weeks from nowwww……..
Hooooooooooo!!!? (Can you see it? ya roof falling??? It’s ma shout’s impact)
Can’t wait!!!!

Off I go!
Love ya’ll 🙂 :*



  1. Jeez!!! This is captivating…and that suspense actually fit in…it caught me anyway…C’mon, I’m knowing and seeing a different you…and please, what’s p.o.v and bff?….. And that neaseau? Hope it’s not that she’s pregnant?

    • Thanks,,,,,, and please?? wah?

  2. Oh, bff- best friendforever… P.o.v- point of view…. The pregnancy issue? I’m not telling 🙂

  3. itseedris

    And it kept getting more interestin, so Mr. Han don already….:D

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