Hannie’s P.O.V

 I laid in my bed and sprawled my  legs on it, I just can't seem to get it all, why does Anna want to talk to me so bad? I had to retreat to my room after waiting for her for so long in the sitting room,whatever Anna wants to discuss with me must be so important, if it isn't, why would she have refused to discuss it in Miriam's presence?it's not like Miriam is unaware of our break-up although she didn't take it well,so there's nothing to feel uneasy about. Miriam, that girl!! She has an attitude of making things shift from bad to worse, how could she have been so stupid? She left her cooking for some friendly chatter, setting the whole kitchen on fire, literally though, but things could have been worse, thank God for the sharp sensitivity of her rat-ish nose, I couldn't even make-out any smell! What a pig.. Awww, I think I'm making too much out of her burning the food, I'm being so hard on her, it's not like I'm battering her flaccid butts right now but with my thoughts, I already have chastised her undoing, anyone could have done that and also it's been long since she's last seen Anna, she was trying to catch up. What's up with my attitude today? I think Anna's presence has reset the whole of my system, I should just go down to the kitchen and see how the cleaning is going. But, I still can't help being peturbed about Anna and her reason for being here, series of frightening thoughts raced through my mind as I fought so hard to match which one she might want to discuss, I remember how she looked today, it's been two months now, two months to make a difference, maybe she's with someone else now, a pint of jealousy washed through my body and I flushed, no I shoudn't feel this way and NO, Anna is with no one, that's one thing I'm sure about, the way she was when I saw her today, she looked like someone mourning her dead fiance, it's not that she put on rags or dressed poorly but she didn't look happy, she looked so pale, I'll discuss it with her when we get to talk, although I'm in no place to talk up stuffs like that to her but I can't watch her ignore her body so bad, I don't want to why she is that way but it has to stop. As I made my way down the step, my eyes got locked up with the pictures hanging on our cream-coloured wall, there are several picture of Miriam's hung, actually there's only one picture of mine in the house, just one. The whole house is filled with Miriam's atmosphere, little of mine or even void. There are high-school graduation pictures of Miriam, the on I hugged her in, the one she stuck out her tongue in, the ones she took with the lady bees, that girl, she's been such a thiny kid, no matter how much she eats, she just doesn't put on weight, to her favour though, she swims better than anyone in her college,I think she's her team's captain now. She was a major bully in high school, I had to skip classes so many times to settle the dispute she had caused, I remember paying for the laundry of one of the victims of her vicious temper, the boy had called her a 'skinny twig' when she seized his game, and Miriam smiled and walked away just to come back with the lady bees, they emptied all of thier friut punch on the kid's body, drenched him and left,heavily drunk with the satifaction of the renvenge they had had. As I was about to enter the kitchen I caught the sight of a couple's picture-our parents', and I was awestrucked, I haven't seen this picture before, actually, for years. I hid the picture away for her sake, how did she find out where I kept it, when did she even hang it? She's really making it so hard to care for her, I must make her remove this picture right now, I should even destroy it, but I've thought about that so may times, each time, I just could not get myself to do it, that picture is the only remindal of our parents we've got, others were taken away by aunt Sally before she died. Some amps of current jolted through my body as I saw mum's wide smile, she was so beautiful, she's wearing a blue tank top with a white shorts complementing it, her gold locket(which now rests justa bit below Miriam's neck) sleeping on her chest, she rested in dad's welcoming embrace, dad held on to her tightly like a kid holding on to the last supply of candy bar in a supermarket, he gave a soft smile too, the underlying beach serving as a beautiful background. That picture was taken when I was twelve and Miriam seven, we were on Christmas vacation at grandfather's beach house, Dad had bought the locket just before the trip and mum was so happy. The picture was taken the second day we got there and that same day, Miriam had almost cried her lungs out before dad finally unlocked the locket from mum's neck and hung it on Miriam's neck, Miriam giving a winning grin at that instance. 

To be continued.
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