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I’ll continue from where I stopped.

“.The picture was taken the second day we got there and that same day, Miriam had almost cried her lungs out before dad unlocked the locket and hung it on Miriam’s neck, Miriam giving a winning grin at that instance”

Mum sure was not happy about this, she complained about how spoilt Dad had made Miriam and how she gets everything that she wants everytime, I remember the look on her face, funny, she seethed for hours, went up the house into her room and sat in her bed for some minutes before dad went up to meet her and calmed her down,it took a whole lot of persuasion to make her smile, she behaved exactly like a Jealous sister.
Our family was filled with love, we disagreed to agree so many times but we remained one big happy family, that christmas is one I can never forget because that same christmas, we were reduced to two ;Miriam and I.
I made my way into the kitchen and found Mariam preparing another meal to replace the burnt one, I looked around and couldn’t catch the sight of Anna’s presence, I completely lost track of why I wanted to see Mariam and became concerned about Anna’s not being here.

“Miri, where is Anna?” I quickly asked sounding like a man who rushed into a Sleuth’s office in search of his lost kid.

“Oh, see who sounds concerned hiaa, ho ho….playing the caring ex-bee now? Hun hun, he he. You know what Hannie? You really are some wicked monster, you hurt that gurl, you hurt her!!”

“I hurt her? I hurt her? Do you know how that sounds? Miri, you’re getting on ma fucking nerves this evening! And I can bear it no more, okay? What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you gone crazy or something? Huh? You should stay outta ma frigg’n business,okay? My relationship is simply my own godammn relationship with anyone I have it with and I don’t give a fuck about whatever your impression or so-called perception about it is. Okay? Are we freaking clear here?” I just really messed things up right now, I have not used this tone in a very long time, I am seriously mad at her right now and I’m more mad at myself, I could see the effect this had on my little sister. I really don’t want to go through this with her again. She dropped the knife in her hand, suprised at my outburst and she withdrew into a shell she had kept a long time ago.

“Yy-y-ee-es, e-e-e-em so sorry Hannie, she is in the bathroom” She said as she bent down to pick up the knife, I was in this position too as I tried to make up for my cruel manner, her hand brushed mine slightly, her head hit mine, I heard a loud cry fill the kitchen and I recognised it to be mine, I stood up quickly writhing in pain while using my left hand to support my temple like my head will fall at any shake.

“ouch… Oh sorry, em willy sorey Han, I dint mean forret to happen” Miriam said as she dropped the knife into the sink and rushed over to my side examining my head like a paramedic.

“It’s okay,it doesn’t really hurt. I need to get to Anna” I paused a little and resumed “Miriam? We’ll discuss everything later,okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m owkay wif that”

I made my way out of the kitchen and walked into the bathroom which is just few steps from the Kitchen, I saw Anna washing her face, it looks like she puked and cried at the same time, I felt so sorry for her and I fought every single cell in my body not to walk up to her and throw her into my arms, that would be unreasonable. She hadn’t noticed my presence yet, so she cried some more,when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I walked up to her and touched her arm.

So tell me, how was that? Do you think Hannie still has it in for Anna? Oh my,,,, Hanna won’t exist for a long time,,,,, sssooooo sorrrreeeyy,,,, 😀 😀 😀

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  1. Waoh…honestly, they can just fix the whole situation…coz i can still feel the love on both parties’ side, hannie and anna, they still have it down there… And then…what happened to miriam’s parents? 2. What really made them breakup…thanks…thumbs up…(y)

    • So sorry Dear, but I’m breaking them apart for a very long time,,,, the story is a long one,,,,

  2. Conscientious use of words…pleasant content plus organization…nice expression…

  3. Damilola

    Hmmm,good job

    • Thank you hun. 🙂 ,, missed you 😉

  4. Israel

    This z awesome.Conceptual integration of idea and a “Je na sais quo” style of writing.Good story line 2.kip it up

    • Thanks Israel… 🙂

  5. Oyindamola Ajisegiri

    It’s awesome Bae 🙂

    • Thanks sweetie… Love ya bunch 😉

  6. Cool! This an Interesting story and I love the writing style.

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