Hi! 😀 I really wanna thank you guys for your comments and your expressal of how you felt about Anna’s action. 🙂
I know I promised to give you details of their break-up and their good times together, I’m afraid that won’t happen here. I’m sorry.

“……. And with that, I made my way out of the bathroom carefully, not alerting Miri, and before I knew it, I was out of his apartment, out of his life, forever”

Hannie’s P.O.V

I couldn’t get a grip on myself, at first when Anna told me she wanted to talk, I thought she wanted us back, the truth is that there’s still a part of me that craves for our union again regardless of what she had done. I always believed that one day, she would come back, back to finally be mine. I guess that was why this hurts more than the break-up itself. The thought that I’ll never see her again.
I felt a cold soft object fall down my cheek, finding its way through my shirt, kissing the broad of my chest-my tear. I let more tears flow down, I didn’t even care if she saw them, I heard her make her way out of the house, I let my heart hurt all it can. I had never been this broken in my life. Then suddenly out of nowhere, I felt two hands shake my shoulder; Miri. I was driven out of my sad terrain, knocked back into life by my sister, I realised that I had been squatting on the floor, my head rested in an open compact forged by the V-curve of my arms,planted on my protunded knees.

"Hannie, what's wrong wif ya? Weris Anna?" Miriam asked a with high note of concern, and I could hear the bells of fear ringing beneath that tone; She was scared.

” She’s gone” I said simply, emotionless.

“whaddya mean she’s gone? Han…..”

“sshhhh…Miri, don’t call me that” I cut her along way, reminding her that the name our mother used to call me is forbidden. I am suprised she used that, she hasn’t said that name in years.

“I’m sorry Haa-nnnie” quickly correcting herself, I guess she remembered what feelings the name could have brought along with it.

“I mean, I dint see her leave, and the way you look, it’s like you’ve been crying. Hannie, I know ya love life aint any of ma bizz buh, do tell me, what’s going on between you two? Did she try fixing things??” she expressed herself gently, carefully,not mincing her words.

“NO, She left me Miri, she so-finally left me this time, and I just can’t believe it. Miriam, she’s leaving the country, she is going home!” I broke down completely once more, this time, before my kid sister, throwing my arms in the air, soaking in sweat,tears, hurt and regret. Miri at first stood there dumb-struck, it was like she couldn’t take in what she had just heard, Anna had been like a sister to her too and she loves her. We both have been let down by the woman we love and what hurts so bad is the stupid excuse that came in for her departure. Anna hated her mother, she was the reason she never wanted to go back to Nigeria, she had planned on staying here and get employed, so now that she’s through with her course? She’s going! It’s so unacceptable, but I am in no place to accept or reject her decision, she has made up her mind already and I respect that. Miri came over to me and hugged me, I let myself cry into her hair, and I could feel some tear balls hitting my back; she was crying too. When I felt I had cried enough, I broke the embrace and went for the sink, talking to Miri along the way.

“Are you done with your cooking?”

“huh-huh, I waited for ya en Anna to come back so we may eat together, when I dint see ya, I went to set the table, when you guys still dint shoorrup, I came searching”

“Alright, I’m gonna go up, have a shower and change my clothes. I’ll be with you shortly” I told her, already making my way out of the bathroom. I have to be strong for both of us, I may have been the one dating Anna but both of us are going to miss her for a very long time.

Annalisa’s P.O.V

I made my way down the street slithering like I was walking in the rain,completely wasted. I am even suprised that I have not passed out. My head down but my eyes carefully looking out for a taxi, when I was satisfied with the distance between myself and Hannie’s house, I stopped at the side of the road, I saw a cab and waved down my right hand, causing it to halt.
When it stopped, I swiftly made my way into the back seat, giving directions to the driver.
I relayed on how broken Hannie had gotten when I told him I would be leaving and I just couldn’t help the flow of tears, the cab driver cast me a writhering look through the rear-view mirror and I totally ignored him.

“Is all well Ma’am?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“Just drive” I replied.

So, how was that? 🙂
Please leave ya comments, share ya tthoughts, thanks.



  1. Weezy

    ….I’m lost here ! Does this story have a Beginning Yeah ?

  2. Emmanuel

    Loving the story, but need to seee the previous episodes

  3. Thanks, they are on the main site –

  4. Oyindamola Ajisegiri

    It is awesome honnie.

    Can wait for the other part 🙂

    • Thanks Bae, I’ll keep you posted 😉

  5. mykel

    Hmm, real gud…. I guez u jst defined wat I meant by, ‘will b on da look-out for MORE’….¿Feliciades?

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