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".........  'Is all well Ma'am?' he asked, sounding concerned.

'Just drive' I replied "

Annalisa’s P.O.V

   " Brethen, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converteth thee sinner from the error of ......"  I heard the jangling of keys from somewhere behind me; the door, and before I could even close my bible, my roomate came rushing in; her usual way of entering, she is always coming home either drunk or full of bags; stuffs we need from the grocery, every saturday night, today it's the former, and I wish it wasn't.          Now, I have a lot of babysitting and nursing to do, because when Cara is drunk, it is a major whammy; she has a history of crazy hangovers, she has had one that lasted for three days and half before. She is a party girl, she always have been and I have never really tried stopping her, talking about someone I have known for four years; I love her like a sister and she is one of the best things that ever happend to me. 
  We have most things in common, she has a sweet voice and we both are in the same band; 'THE SHAKERS'. We have the same taste in music, men, food almost all, our difference is just the partying issue, I do not really party, I prefer to stay indoor all day writing my songs and playing my guiter, I am a soloist. I am not social and neither am I a misfit. 

  " Annn-ann-ann, yo home, heyo! Howwwwuuyyuu? " she stuttered as she came in to the room, her bedside, stripping her clothes off, staggering like she would fall if a paper be an obstacle. I had to leave my bed for her side; in case she falls. 

She took off her boots, flinging them into the air and by a hair’s breadth escaping my face. I walked up to her and helped her remove her shorts and blouse and she helped herself with her underwear, then she was completely free of every clothing.
Leading her to the bathroom, I could just contort my face to stench of alcohol my nose was finding a hard time to put up with. She threw-up into the sink, thank God I acted fast!

 " eeeyy, You have to take a shower Cara" I commanded her.

 " Oh No, Ann, hhhiieeIlly wanna swweep rai now, no bath, no waterrrr, No No, Cara baby issss nuh feelen dirryy, ammas clean as a white shiii " she protested, turning her body, twisting her wrist off my grip.

” Oh No darling, we have so much to disscuss and I want you out of this as soon as possible, I really wanna talk to you bae, so you need to take this bath right now, I’m gonna fix you a cup of coffee” I made my way out of the bath, I knew she wants out of this as much as I do, she only needs to see more reason to leave her drunken world, and I gave her, not a deceiving one but the truth; I want to talk to her. I paused and listened to the shower running before I made for the kitchen, fixing her coffee as promised. Taking the coffee to the bedroom, I went to my drug-store; a box and brought out a bottle of honey and an aspirin, I added a spoon of honey to the steaming caffeine and went in. She already had finished her bath, putting her nightie on. I placed the Coffee and drug by her lampost and sat down on her bed, signaling her to join me. The smell she reeked of minutes ago was gone and replaced by the sweet smell of her jasmine-flavoured shampoo. Luckily for me, I do not think she took much of booze. She seemed to be a bit of her normal self.

 "Thanks Ann, Amma bit better" she said as she took the mug by its handle and took a sip, placing the pills on her tongue, she had more sips of coffee, pushing them down.

“And that’s ma baebae” I said smiling, winking at her.

" Hehehe, I still have your guitar being stringed in ma head. It sooyy hurts likey hell, ca-youuuur stop playing puuuulleeeaase? Meh gonna hear vose sweet notes some orra time, nornaw " she said jokingly, still stutering and placing the coffee back to its former place. 
Now, I do not really know how to tell her about my leaving, I actually bought my ticket on the way to Hannie's place after leaving the studio. It was a decision made on whim, I got my mum's call yesterday, her telling me how sick she is and how long it has been since she saw me; all lies! Like she ever cared. I thought about my state, about Hannie, our break-up, but one thing I never did think about is how I will tell Cara that I am leaving her.  

” So Ann, whassit we are to discuss? You sounded somewhat serious ” a foggy voice inquired, setting my heart beat to an undefined race.

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  1. Oyindamola Ajisegiri

    Aww. So sweet.

    It is getting intriguing hon.
    Get the next part ready fast 😀 :*.

    Great job hon :).

    • Thanks hunnie, I’ll try to do it as soon as possible

  2. mykel

    hmm… cool.

  3. PhlOrY ClaY

    MeHn wAs sO kEeN rEADIN dEEz..PlS trY 2 cOmPlEtE iT cNt waIT..u GottA sToP diS sUSPENSE PlS..I miN LikE crIouSLY COmPlETE iT…loVE d STORY…comPlETE oR aM GOn b fOrcEd 2 cuM rEAD d rEMaInin trU uR BRAInS…stIL waITIN

  4. Thank you Phlory. I will try to upload soon. 🙂

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