Okay, I’m truly sorry for uploading late; and you know what? This I promise is going to be the preceding part to the last part of the first Chapter which I’ve been writing. So just Ten parts then! Yay!

“So Ann, whassit we are to discuss? You sounded somewhat serious” a foggy voice inquired, setting my heart-beat to an undefined race”

Annalisa’s P.O.V

I squeezed the fluffy sheet beneath me like it holds just the help I need to escape this moment, I knew Cara’s drunken state is no longer an excuse for pending this as she already has proved her conciousness and stable mental stand by remembering what I had told her minutes ago, or maybe it’s just because of our bond; you know both in conciousness and unconsiousness, those we love are always in a secure corner of our heart, that’s why most times, they are the ones we dream about in the land far away from ours. But I think she’s not going to let it go down easily if I refuse to tell her what I said I would. Contentious colloquy this is going to be but I really can’t be mean and sneak out of her life like an unfaithful boyfriend who just got his girlfriend pregnant, leaving a stupid note behind.

"Anna,bae your really scaring the fuck outta me. I know there's something going on deep down there, and it's apparent your tryna fight telling me, Ann! Itssu em talking to!"    Cara burst out at the end of her talk when I actually was paying no attention to all that she had been saying all along, yeah; exactly something to expect from my bestfriend. I really do not know how to tell her this and I feel like I would be shoving a dagger right into her heart if I told her I would be leaving. I watched my self contrive to hold the tears right back in where they belong. For a long time I refused to talk, I knew I would break the veil sealing the casement of those salty waltery balls if I tried to speak, but when Cara gave the I-don't-freaking-care-what-it-is-if-you-don't-talk-amma-break-ya-head look, I just had to talk, and definately start from some austere ground but still pertinent to my leaving. I chose a reasonable one and decided to open up to her; let her know all before I leave to face all, all alone.

"uurrmm, Cara, I know you really aren't as much drunk as before, I wanna let you know at the end of this conversation that you are the one I wish was born to call a twin of mine. I mean, you made my life sweeter, you added brightness to the secluded corners, and no matter what happens between us Cara, I love ya and I'm not gonna ever forget ya"  I said and before I could continue Cara became a bit uneasy and could keep calm no longer.

” There you go again Anna, fueling the apprehension already in here. Why your saying all those words, huh Ann? Just lemme know what’s wrong and take Cara outta the obscurity” she said and I knew that indeed, she is scared. I cleared my throat and let out a large sigh, wishing all that started about two months ago was nothing but a dream.

” You remember when you asked me about why Hannie and I broke up, I told you I was gonna tell ya later and you agreed?”

“Oh, yeah, and is that what this is all about? Hannie and yoo…..”

“Part of” I cut her off, so that she woudn’t think all this has nothing to do with her. Then I continued.

” Actually, I told Hannie I got rid of the pregnancy and he like actually got…..”

“Wha-da-hell Ann! How could you do that!” she let out a huge cry, covering her mouth with I think, her left palm and her eyes completly protunding out of their sockets; typical of the stunned Cara.

“So, he broke up with me, but you know that the baby is still breathing in my uterus right now”

“But why did you lie to him? why couldn’t you have told him you still had his baby?” Cara inquired, her hands now on her hips.

“I had to. I knew how hard he’s been trying to take care of himself and his sister. Cara, It’s not like I don’t want us together, attending ante-natals, picking our baby’s clothes together, choosing the right cot, decorating its room. I want all that but I’m not so blinded by love to ignore the fact that we don’t have the money for all that, he just gave up his job to concentrate fully on his internship, there are costs for all that, you know? I and the baby are just gonna be a burden for for him and don’t forget, I just finished at college and I’m jobless! How do we cope? My mum musn’t even know, so I made a decision Cara. I’M LEAVING CANADA.” I let it all out like a flu patient throwing her stomach contents up into the tepid air and I saw Cara apalled; her eyes wide in shock and I heard her say:

“WoW! Why didn’t I evermention to you the word ‘acting’???!!”

So, the month ends today!
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  1. Abioye Remi.

    Well done and continue trying. Your efforts shall be greatly rewarded.

    • Amen. Thank you so much sir. God bless you 🙂

  2. Weezy

    Oh…Okay, I haven’t bn follwing this from Τнε Onset, but I get Τнε whole picture now..nice story line…but this isn’t Τнε end init? 🙂

    • Thank you Weezy. No, the end of this story is not even near, I’m glad you actually understand it now; this is only the part before the last part of CHAPTER ONE. More chapters are embedded in the sole of my brain. 🙂

  3. Emerald

    I’ve actually been following this story. Sorry I’ve never had the time to comment. Its a great work. I’ll love to see how it ends.. Thumbs up!

  4. PhlorY clAY


    • ThAnk you so much Phlory; I’m glad you actually like it. I will send you updates each time there is one. Thanks again. 🙂

  5. WoW! Ma’am I feel honoured! I actually didn’t know you’ve read any of the parts. Thank you so much and you are one of my mentors; your work on Wattpad was one of those things that made me start this story.
    Thanks once more 🙂

  6. Richie

    This seriously wonderful write up.. With a great sense of sentence construction!! Keep it up

    • Thank you Richie 🙂

  7. Oyindamola Lami

    Going on cool dearie :*..

    Keep it up.
    Still following it 🙂 :).

    • Thank you Oyin 🙂

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