You all should know that this it's just the first chapter that have been writing from the outset, and the 'parts' could be likened to 'pages' of a novel.

This is the last part of CHAPTER ONE.

” her eyes wide in shock and I heard her say: ‘Wow! Why didn’t I ever mention to you the word ‘acting’???!!’ ”

Annalisa’s P.O.V

I stared out wide into Cara’s eyes and my jaws were dropped; I couldn’t believe that she took all that I had said as some weird joke or thought I had actually been putting up an act.

“Cara, no I’m nuh kidding. I’m leaving Canada” I said and I could feel tears were set to fall.

“Ann, eerrm nuh really drunk you know? So, there’s noaaww eerrm nuh gonna remember this when I wake up. Can we talk about it later? Huh? ” she said, giving a derisive smile while talking and at the same time patting my bare lap.

“No Cara, we gotta finish this now, I ain’t kidding” Patronising her will be a difficult task, because I can see that she is ready to fly into her bed and get entwined with sleep. But I have to settle this now, because I owe her that much. I still feel the lingering guilt of my hurting Hannie, I can’t bear to have another guilt to nurse again.

“So, whaddya want now Ann? Hummmnn? Because something went wrong widdyaself and ya lovey lovey, you wanna leave me too? Do you even care about others at all? Did you consider our feelings before jumping into action? And don’t bring the baby into this, we both know It’s ya freaking fault!!!!”

“Cara, I’m sorry. I know I’ve beee….”

“sssshhh…wah? Sorry? Sorry ain’t gonna solve nothing! jussst leave Ann, you know errm used to this, people walking outta ma life in the bare dark and leaving me to face the world all on ma own? First ma, maa, dad, Hannie and now…. Ya”

I was shocked at the response I had got. Hannie and Cara had actually dated before I fell in love with him, but Cara had cheated on him, so I really am Suprised that she had mentioned his name and Cara had actually been through a lot, unlike me, she was not from a rich family also, her mother had left her with her dad after separation and few years later her dad died from a car accident just like mine did too, that actually was what made us so close and Inseparable. When her dad died, the police informed her mum and she had come to collect her, Cara began to live with her mother’s new family, her step-dad and step-brothers who had made her life so miserable.
When I arrived at Canada, I was just around seventeen, Cara was the first friend I made in the nursing school. She spotted me at the dinning section, came over to me and the first thing she said to me was. “hey Baby, do you mind some hella nawwty gurl sit widdyu?” talking about ‘first impression’, she gave me a weird one, I mean no one had ever talked to me in such an outspoken manner. She actually was not kidding about being naughty, she had taken almost all my food and bombarded me with series of questions that day. And that was how we hit it off and I started to love her and her craziness.
Months after we met, I got to meet her real past…. And I really feel bad about wanting to leave her too, I could not stop the tears from coming all down, I am the only friend she had ever trusted so much, we had made plans, drawn out our future together, even talked about having double wedding. And now I’m doing nothing but jeopardising it all.

“I’m sorry Cara, I didn’t mean for all this to happen, please Cara, please” I pleaded with her and pleaded on my knees; I love this girl.

“naahh, no Begging Ann, no begging gonna solve wah’s on ground, If I beg ya to stay, will you? Nah! You won’t! I know you, that’s why I’m all sad about this isshh, you kept it all from me. Like you wasnah sure about my letting Hannie go in the first place, the truth is; I never loved Hannie, you coulda trusted me from the start, things coulda worked out, Instead you kept ya relationship away from me like I were some….”
confession time? Cara was telling me her true feelings and she was right, I didn’t trust my relationship with her.

“I’m sorry Cara” I said simply and went for my bed, I could see her still staring at where I had sat and I knew she knew she had hit a thick spot within me; Hannie, I’m still carrying his baby. Only Cara knows that and there’s a favour I need from her.

“Cara, I don’t deserve pity from ya, or anything, but you can do me a favour of never mentioning the baby to Hannie” I told her from my bed, admist tears and I could hear her sniffing too; she is crying. She gave no response, I gave no consideration, I just held my head upright and stared deeply into the white ceiling like the solutions to my problems all lie in it, because I know this is just the begining, I still have my mother to deal with and that is going to be one hard battle.



  1. bjay cool

    Some decisions are very difficult to make buh they are necessary as well …destiny !!!…..some people are meant to be together for a while and not forever …life
    She should accept reality …its actually happening ..she’s leaving *pity*
    9c one nimi , d female soyinka version to -be

    • Oh myyy… Thank you so much Bjay! I appreciate your support. And yeah you are right, some decisions are needed to be taken and consolidated.

      About the Wole Soyinka female stuff? Lol! You gotta be kidding me! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Wow…. wat a great story, keep it up #The lord is your strength.

    • Thank you Ma’am 🙂

  3. Samcruise

    Exhilarating! Nimi iz 3 much…xpecting d published version.

    • Thank you Cruise… Lol! Amen to that Sir!!!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Emmanuel Alao

    I wish this script continues, Nimi gather this to hard copy please. My library would be glad to keep brilliant work like this.

  5. Thank you so much sir 🙂

  6. Thaira david

    Love, you’re soo sweet. Every bit of you is awesome… Nice work done here.

  7. aaawww…. thank you Thaira 🙂

  8. Leo

    Nice work Nimi
    A lily suggestion.. if you wanna be taken seriously, I think you should start typing complete words and stop using fancy wordings.. yo diq? 👌✌✌

  9. yeah… thank you 🙂 Leo

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