How do you feel when you enter into your Aunty’s room and meet her entangled with your dad, doing that  which most girls your age speak of quite a number of times during their sleep over while their faces shone with pride and the eyes of the ones who haven’t yet done ‘it’ preached hope and their hearts crowded with expectations?
Well that was exactly how I felt and a little more the week before Christmas when I left mom’s restaurant few blocks from home to convey her message to aunty Titi, her younger sister who had refused to pick her calls and guess what I discovered had kept her fingers numb from picking the damn phone?
Her fingers were all over my dad and their bodies were glued like an algae stuck onto  fungi! I ransaged my brain for the exact word that describes what was going on, my biology teacher had used it quite a number of times during our classes on reproduction, I tried so hard to remember the word but my brain would not just do me the honor. Whatever it is they were doing, I know it’s definitely something bad, really bad, something that would make mom cry more than she did when she lost my granny, something that might make me be the next kid with divorced parents in school if she ever got to know.
Stifling a cry with almost all the strength I’ve got, I closed my eyes, opened it, closed, opened it again till I was assured I wasn’t having another one of those so a real nightmares that have made my bed my greatest fear. I pinched my self and felt the pain transmitted by my nerves. Oh no, I’m actually alive and this is happening right before my eyes! I deliberated on stepping backwards quietly till I could close the door behind me without them noticing but my feet felt chained to the floor; I couldn’t even move.
Aunty Titi and my dad were so devoted that neither of them noticed when I opened the door and that I was still in the doorway till I gave out a loud cry, surprised at how intense it was and mad at my self at the same time for doing a stupid thing as such. But I couldn’t just hold in anymore, I screamed and screamed again till I lost my voice; my head felt like it was spinning and would fall off very soon. When I finally got their attention, with shock and shame written all over their faces, my dad gropped for his clothes, wearing them wrong all the way when he finally got hold of them and my can’t-keep-her-legs-closed aunty was shaking uncontrollably and chanting
“Omolayo jo pamisile ma pami sita,  please it’s the devil , it’s the devil , esu ma ni …”
she didn’t stop until my dad shot her an angry  ‘shut up’ look, he then shifted his gaze downwards at his cupped hands like they suddenly became leprous. For few seconds, his mouth refused to produce any sound and the expression on his face looked like he was contemplating speaking or not. All of a sudden, like a man possessed by the spirit of tyranny he stood up and whatever shame I saw in his eyes seconds ago had vanished completely, rage took it’s place now and like I was the one caught in the verboten act , he  started shouting at me, calling me names he’d never called me before, he even called me a bastard  though I know we don’t need a  DNA test  to prove who my real father is, he made for me with full rage and hit me so hard, I heard a loud thump which I later realized was the sound of my body kissing the ground, he didn’t stop right there, he sent a slap across my face and it was so hot and blinding that I could have sworn I saw two golden stars winking at me.
Admist my soft moans, I kept wondering why he turned on me out of the blue, when it seemed the blows were not going to stop anytime soon, I started pleading because the way he was kicking and hitting me, I might end up spending the Christmas in ICU if he doesn’t come back to his senses in time.
Aunty Titi too joined in the plea   ”Kunle please, don’t do this to her, you’re hurting her, please it’s enough ” she tried to take his hands off me and in the process a good blow greeted her face as a response from my turned-psycho father, a part of me definitely was glad she got what she deserved but I was too hurt and weak to stick out my tongue at her, she gave out a cry that spoke of pain and like her voice was the cure for my dad’s mental ailment, he let go of me and left to tend to her, without even deliberating, I gathered the remaining strength left in me, staggered almost losing composure at first and I ran like a mad man who finally broke out of mental institution.
When I was sure of being more than a stone throw from home, I reduced my pace, ignoring the concerned look on people’s faces because of my ruined clothes and probably face too, I sat under a mango tree that had no evidence of being a parent. I rested my head on its trunk, conserving my strength and ignoring the yearnings of my throat and tongue for water.
I have no idea where to go but I’m definately not going to my mom’s,  I’m not going to be the sort of child who ruins her parent’s marriage. I know my dad beat me to scare me from mouthing a word about what I saw to my mom, well he succeeded and there’s no way I’m going let myself go through that again, there’s no way I’m going back to that house before Christmas,  I’m sure he would have come back to his senses after I’ve gone missing for a more than a week. I can imagine the pain and guilt he would go through when he realizes his infidelity has cost him his second child, he’ll probably be the one to break the news of his forbidden act to her but I doubt it, my father would do anything to save face which is why I’m confused and surprised and  I keep asking myself why? why was he sleeping with her? if anyone told me my aunty was caught sleeping with someone else’s husband I wouldn’t even consider starting a fight to prove it’s a lie because she has a reputation of having a difficulty with staying faithful to a man, out of my grandmother’s daughters, she’s the only who’s had more than two failed marriages which is why she ended up living at her parents’ when her last husband kicked her out for sleeping with his friend, she got to our place three days ago for the Christmas holiday and I know for sure now that Christmas isn’t all  that’s brought her to our home, she’d probably ran out of men she hadn’t yet done the dirty with.
I swear, all my life I’ve never met anyone whose life is as  wrecked  as my mom’s sister,  which is why I try as much as possible to avoid her whenever she comes visiting, I never really liked her and with what I’ve seen today, not even a miracle can change that.
I feel sorry for my mom,  she doesn’t deserve this, their marriage seemed so perfect, in fact it  is one of the best in town, people respect my family so much for  the peace and love and for the fact there’s been no reason for a visit in order to settle any form of dispute, unlike most families in the vicinity.
I thought about where to lay low for a while, I considered my options and decided it’s time to honor an invitation for I’ve put on hold for a while, an invitation from the girl who lives down the street, no one would even consider asking her about my whereabouts because to everyone, she’s a psycho and an outcast .
Just the perfect place to hibernate for few weeks. Maybe it’s time my siblings learnt how to finalize Christmas plans without me, oh I forgot, there’ll be no need for that, they’ll all be on the hunt for a lost child. There won’t be a Christmas like last year or the year before that.
I pray the girl isn’t really a psycho, because most times when I see her she is always  shouting at someone she said lives in the wall and is owing her a substantial amount of money. Maybe she’s mad after all, though she doesn’t wear tattered clothes or eat dust, I just really hope I don’t end up looking like a chicken to her on  Christmas day.

Do you like the story? What do you think? Kindly drop your comments, I’m dying to read them.

Merry Christmas beautiful readers!!!




  1. Mhiz Eloquent

    This is wow. I seriously can’t wait to read the full story

    • Thanks ma’am

      • Sammy

        Wow!!!!!!!!!, diz iz cool, wonna know the family
        I guess dat shld be done privately

        • thanks but it’s a fiction

  2. A great piece there!!!
    You are awesome….

  3. Joe

    hahahah… nice one…
    you should tell ur mom about this ooo… and not just ur mom, tell elderly ones too..
    may be granpa or anyone older that ur mom so that they can deal with the devilish sister before she kill your mother and take over ur Father.. ..

    Women are devils sha… glad am not one 😛

    • Women aren’t devils… anyways, thanks for reading

      • Joe

        lol…. I knew you will respond to that!

  4. meek_cash

    Nice write up…

  5. You never seize to amaze your little brother…
    I’m proud of you dear …
    You’re the best…

    keep writing and your pen on…

    • Thanks dear brother

  6. Akinlade Ibukunoluwa

    This is no more ‘merry Xmas’…oops!!!
    Anyway, I’ll advice you Don’t tell mum yet…note that “yet”…and it seems you are the eldest…if not I would have advised you only let your older sibs know…

    No home for you…no Xmas for you…no Xmas for family…dad’s gonna have sleepless Xmas nyt…your sibs gon’ be on the lookout…
    Good for you…

    but please that psycho friend’s place is no option…unless you yourself won’t have no Xmas…as you might not “see” the breaking of Xmas day…

    Lovely story…
    Thumbs up…

    Merry Xmas n Happy New Year…@neeme and all chewy candy friends n followers…

  7. Akinlade Ibukunoluwa

    Anyway, I’ll advice you Don’t tell mum yet…note that “yet”…and it seems you are the eldest…if not I would have advised you only let your older sibs know…

    No home for you…no Xmas for you…no Xmas for family…dad’s gonna have sleepless Xmas nyt…your sibs gon’ be on the lookout…
    Good for you…

    but please that psycho friend’s place is no option…unless you yourself won’t have no Xmas…as you might not “see” the breaking of Xmas day…

    Lovely story…
    Thumbs up…

    Merry Xmas n Happy New Year…@neeme and all chewy candy friends n followers…

  8. PenSaint

    Wonderful.. you have a good way of expressing reality with words..*The images are clear( I can see the girl, I can feel are pain)* reality conserved*… are indeed obeying the first law of thermodynamics….

    • oh, thanks a lot Pen Saint

  9. Harbey

    A brilliant write up wit gud expressions……nyc one kip it up.
    u can tell d pastor in ur Church abt d issue so dat he can present it 2 ur mum in an understandable way 4 d matter 2 b resolved b4 she gets pregnant 4 ur dad n dat will b a complicated issue. And also u leaving home is not d solution 2 d issue it will only make everyone perplex n worried

    • Thank you Harbey, it’s actually fiction not a real story

  10. sometimes i wonder how writers do what they do…?

    this is nice….my lady

    • thanks a whole lot

  11. Dinah

    Indeed,this is a great piece and its lovely as well…kudos
    just pls complete the story before i start dreaming about it….

    • Thanks Dinah, actually I’m still deliberating on if there’s gonna be another part or not, but if eventually I write a second part, you’ll be informed. again, thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

  12. Taiwo

    Hmmn real dilemma, but i think a lot of things are to be saved here. Firstly the parents’ union which is the most important thing, the relationship between d daughter and d father, the niece-aunty relationship also. Prayer is the key, after which i think she can do some dialogue with the father, talk to him and know if he’s sober or not which i guess should be a private communication. But she needs to go home inorder not to hurt her mum more cause a lot’s been happening behind her back. We didn’t know if the father give any clue or say he’s involved in her disappearance and there could be eye witness. She should go home and know that she has the power to decide whether the peace in the family continue to reign or the union breaks into pieces.

    • whoa Taiwo, you really got me thinking you’ve become a counselor, haha. 😀 I enjoyed reading your comment, it gave some naughty smile an excuse to sit on my lips. Thanks for reading and commenting

  13. mezzyadamz

    wao…excellent narration. I want to be like you when I grow up.

    • Like seriously? haha 😀

  14. Segun Shoremekun

    Wow . . . A brilliant one dear. Makes me wonder what you’re looking for, in Human Anatomy. *winks*

  15. Dan

    You are going places and thats for sure, loved it

  16. Beeejay

    This is so lovely dear …kudos

  17. Thank you so much Beejay

  18. Thank you dear

  19. espee

    Been a while I read a write up not about money scrabble or love. Its a good one dear. When you got space try reaching out. You know how to find me. Much love sweet colleague.

    • Thank you for reading and the feedback sir.

  20. oyin

    good story dear…but give us the remaining part

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