The leaves on the giant mango trees camping the compound of Stars high school look a lot  greener than they did before the school went on vacation the previous year. Several brown leaves rug the ground and students who found it difficult to make it to school early on the first day of resumption are busy clearing the dried leaves off the ground, supervised by the prefects with cane in hand.
The hallway fills up with students as they march in singing the day is bright though it looks like the sun is still splayed across her bed and isn’t going to wake up from her sleep any time soon. It doesn’t take being a psychic to immediately recognize the new intakes. The look on their faces – like that of a newly hatched chick – matches their white shirt, which looks totally free of any blemish from a past event and the blue part of their uniforms looks too blue to be old, both neatly starched and ironed.
Ronke remembers her first day at school and how she and Titi had bonded almost immediately, realizing that they had interest in similar things. Last year, things got pretty bad between them, and friends is the exact opposite of what they’ve become now.
Ronke enters into her classroom, tired from standing too long in the January cold and the traffic in the hallway. She makes for her seat, ignoring the wicked smile playing across the lips of Titi and her group as she walks past them,  they can go to hell for all she cares. Yeah, It’s totally not cool to have your used-to-be best friend as your new bully.
Ronke shakes off the thought about Titi. She  bends to sit and before she makes any contact with the armless chair, Someone pulls it from behind and the hard floor greets her butt as a result. Titi roars with laughter, her group and the whole class follow suit, Ronke is stung by an indescribable pain and shame and she wishes a magical hole shows up on the spot she’s at and swallows her up.
She grabs the feet of her table and uses it as a support for standing up, she gets up and  hits her buttocks hard to get rid of any dirt that may be clinging to her blue skirt, she refuses to cry though her throat burns as a result of her denial. Suddenly the class feels too stuffy, so she makes for outside, keeping her head bowed as she walks between the furniture.
Hey piggy, need some help getting you cleaned up ?” a voice she recognizes so well calls from behind.  Ronke keeps on walking, ignoring her bully.
Oh, I forgot last night spankings got you dumb, right? ” the voice chirps again, this time with chuckles in between the words. She doesn’t look back, she keeps walking towards the door, swallowing her tears, her throat feels like magma. She quickens her steps so she can find a safe place to cry in time, the bathroom will do.
She hears footsteps behind her and before she knows what is happening, someone hits her neck with what feels like a math set.
hey idiot, aren’t you the one I’m talking to? ” the same voice yells annoyingly.
Ronke turns around, burning with rage and faces Titi who has a mean look on her face, Ronke considers her options:
I. Turn back and keep walking ;
II. Hit Titi hard in the face and start a fight or run away;
III. Say words that will shut her up, turn back and keep walking.
She is tired of being trampled on, so she crosses the first option, mentally. She doesn’t want to end up cleaning the toilet for the whole week, so the second option is out too.
“You know what little miss two goody shoes?  I heard there’s a new doctor in town, you know what he’s specialized at?  treating psychotic pitiful asses like you. I think Your our-home-is-so-perfect-but-our-lives-are-wrecked  parents should definitely fix you an appointment with him” a voice Ronke eventually recognizes to be hers says to Titi  and the look on her face is utterly priceless. Ronke wishes she could capture this moment and save it in the cloud  because Titi looks like she just saw a ghost, totally horrified. Ronke looks around and sees that the whole class has the same look too, she’s never talked back at Titi, never stood up to her before today and she feels so good, like a prisoner who just broke free.
The sounds of  oohs and ahs diffuse through the class. Ronke  turns around and continues walking towards the bathroom. Choosing the third option wasn’t that bad after all, a triumphant smile creeps onto her lips.

Hey guys! What do you think?
I need you to tell me, huh?
I really want to know what you think the story is lacking and your expectations…
And oh, have you been a bully or a victim before?  Really I’d love to hear all about it, you know what to do, drop your comments. I’m waiting, okay?
So, how do you feel to have made it to the new year?
Okay, I feel totally blessed and awesome. Happy new year beautiful people!



  1. Dayo Michael

    great article dear

  2. qualitypoets

    Fine Story Dear

  3. Thank you

  4. Dan

    As wonderful as always, excellent choice of words.

  5. Daniel Bright

    I love the metaphorical expressions and the similies all good nice twist. Yeah being bullied is hell, Interestingly I once had to choose the first option. Trust it lite the school up light an harmattan fire.

    • Thanks Daniel. Haha, funny 😀

  6. PenSaint

    Nice story. simple and classic style…the wordplays are cool….figures and images are incorporated where necessary…hmmmm expecting a thrilling homicidal prose ..filled with suspense from you #soon# (smile)

    • Oh, thanks. I’ll see if I can work on that.

  7. Seyi

    Oluwanimisire,I’ve actually been following your piece.this is also a good one,but I would suggest you just input more bit of suspense since that’s what makes a reader glued to a book until he gets to the last page.Thumbs up…..

    • That’s nice, thanks for the follow up. I’ll work on that. Thank you Seyi

  8. Whyte


  9. TheAlchemist

    Brilliant… a true imagery like a friend said. Love this.

    • oh I’m glad you feel that way. Thank you

  10. This’ cool. The word count isn’t so much and you still managed to bring out your points with them, that’s a well done job.
    Nice story.

    • Thank you so much dear.

  11. Ayowole

    I actually thought I was watching those ‘high school’ kind of movies. Good start and great ending

    • Really? wow… Thank you

  12. Cool!!!

  13. Thank you so much dear.

  14. Kemstar


  15. A lovely one!!!
    Keep your pen up dear..

  16. Thanks dear

  17. espee

    Dunno what to say! Amazingly awesome, though short, yet precise. Suspense has been said, figures of speech combination has been thorough, I sincerely think you write good. There’s room for improvement *in my principal’s voice*. Never had the chance to be a Ronke but once and my option was to throw the dude into a fish pond as we were on a farm, that was long ago ooo. Agba ti de. Thanks for making my morning. MORE Grace!

  18. Taiwo

    Nice piece of work, but i think the contexts should be deeper.. Bully is more of physical approach i think, just keep working hard cus it pays

    • Yes but I needed the story to have less than 800words, that’s why it’s so precise. Thank you for reading and the advice too

  19. Nimisire, sorry I’m just responding, I’m just seeing the post but this is really cool. Keep the good work up.
    I like the flow, descriptive mental illustration and all.
    There’s always room for improvement in some areas that I’d talk to you on privately but overall; splendid

  20. Espee, you got me laughing hard at the ‘fish pond’ part. Thank you for reading and writing.

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