On his Facebook timeline, Tomiwa sees an ad of a new therapeutic technology that aids glaucoma patients in recuperating. Expectation wells up in his stomach as he clicks on the link to check the price, hoping to find swell figures. Then he sees it.

#15, 500.

For a split second, he doesn’t blink. He reads the price again, scrolls down the page to see additional charges (which he must have overlooked, since he had been goaded by the ad thing.)



The phone slips off his hand onto the bed as he is swamped by a feeling he can’t quite put his finger on.

Could fifteen thousand five hundred naira have restored his mother’s vision, kept the trailer from running her over when she crossed the expressway?

If only… If only he had seen this four months ago, maybe she’ll still…

He wishes that he never saw the ad, didn’t open his Facebook page this night, that he had played chicken invaders on his phone instead.

Now he will live wondering if, by using almost all the money in his bank account, he could have been the help that his mother prayed for when her poor eyesight worsened, and just before she took her last breath on a road far from home(he is so sure that she prayed while that trailer broke her bones.)

No, the new technology must be a sham. Has to be.



  1. PenSaint

    a touching story.. opportunity at the wrong time…even so, every death can be averted at one stage or time…and one is always blinded(maybe by nature) to the warnings or way out…and those who survive, survive because they are not due for extinction at that time..not because of our efforts…nice work..keep it up

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